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The Magic of Natural Beauty 

Natural Beauty Mentor is a resource for women interested in regaining, maintaining, and enhancing their natural beauty through a set of remarkably powerful practices, so you can show up in your life radiant and confident as your authentic self.

The practices are based on a manual rejuvenation (MR) method that helps lift, sculpt, and rejuvenate the face for a more youthful appearance. MR program incorporates face massage, face yoga, full body exercise and mobility training for graceful posture and overall longevity.

Hi, I am Natalia

I have been on a personal health and beauty quest for the past twenty years. I have been trained in face massage techniques, face yoga, and full body connective tissue release.

I believe the ‘old’ beauty industry with its narrow focus on concealing problems, reliance on harsh chemicals, and lack of concern for long-term effects of treatments, is going away. In the same way you cannot buy a fit healthy body, you cannot buy beauty at a cosmetology office. 

This is why todays women are starting to choose natural holistic approaches over potentially risky quick-fix treatments that often rob them of individuality. They are interested in long-term investment, something that heals and strengthens them with every session and allows for a real transformation.

The Modern Beauty Problem

In today’s world, we go from an obsession with flawless beauty driven by the fashion and advertisement industry to the other extreme of denying the connection between appearance and identity all together. Both of these options lead to problems in our sense of self and neither of them allows for true self-expression.

The way we look is undeniably a part of our identity. The choices we make as we get ready for the world are no small matter. Whether we like to dress up, use make up and style our hair, or prefer to have a ‘natural’ appearance.,these choices convey our sense of self. It's how we prepare to be seen and acknowledged by the rest of the world.

The experience of beauty is pleasurable—not only from the eye of the beholder; it's fun to feel good about yourself and know that you are authentic in the way you present yourself to others.

Where Manual Rejuvenation Can Help

Lower Face, Mouth and Cheeks

As we age, our facial muscles tighten and shorten causing other soft tissues to shift. We lose healthy soft tissue volume. Facial fat redistributes, often in an unfavorable manner. Skin thins and becomes looser. Folds around the mouth deepen; lips lose fullness. MR offers strategies to combat muscle tension, diminish skin sagging, soften folds and wrinkles, improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Upper Face, Brows and Eyes

Facial mimicry, stress, health conditions affect the lift of the brows, the lines on forehead and frown area, as well as, wrinkles around our eyes. This contributes to the constant facial expression of fatigue, or frustration. Our muscles get stuck in those frequently used expressions forming crow’s feet, frown lines, and creating puffiness around the eyes. MR helps to offset these tendencies and restore a more youthful appearance by working with the spine, the neck and the soft tissue.

Jawline, Neck and Chest

Many people start showing the first signs of aging around their neck. Some of us develop “the rings of venus” or ‘turkey neck’. This usually is accompanied by jowls forming around the jawline, double chin and dry loose skin on the chest. MR helps to keep the muscles and the soft tissues of the neck and chest in good shape to preserve a well defined facial contour. MR also focuses on proper spine and neck alignment, stretching and mobility which is crucial for beauty and longevity.

Real People, Real Results

The results from the school of manual rejuvenation.

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