Herbal Face Food, Clean, organic, non toxic skincare

The Search for Clean Skincare that Works

What is non-toxic skincare? Generally, this means that the product is free from stuff that is known to cause harm to human health, things like parabens,  dyes, pesticides, etc. 

The EU bans over 1300 substances due to their harmful effects. Wanna guess how many are banned in the US? Eleven. What? In the US, it's up to the manufacturer to decide what is safe enough to be used in their products. Many traditional beauty products contain chemicals that can be harsh on the skin and harmful when absorbed into the body.

Because the US beauty industry is not very well regulated, the manufacturers lack incentives, other than consumer behavior, to clean up their formulations. Carcinogenic ingredients, irritants, chemicals linked to birth defects, endocrine disruptors, etc. are used widely in skincare products.

With the increased demand for cleaner products, marketing departments are now using greenwashed statements that make us feel like the product is safe. But, unless the ingredient list supports it, it is nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

The burden falls on the consumers to be informed about the health effects of various chemicals. Unfortunately, that information is not easily available. So, navigating the skincare market and deciphering what’s truly clean and non-toxic remains a challenge. 

And let's not forget that being non-toxic is not what makes a product good, that's just a baseline. It still needs to be effective. There are entirely too many skincare lines with safe organic ingredients that are so disappointing when it comes to results. 

It is hard to find a product that works and delivers on its promise. It is yet harder to find an effective AND clean product in one!

The good news is that consumers do make a change by voting with our dollars, expressing our opinions, and demanding better options.  And the market responds with new offerings. 

I see Herbal Face Food being a total change-maker in the current market. Organic, truly non-toxic, 100% plants, no fillers, no preservatives, no questionable ingredients at all! But, boy, does it work! It contains 20 of the most powerful anti-aging botanicals that deliver the ORAC score (antioxidant capacity test) above and beyond anything else on the market. Check out the ORAC scale test results here.

Oxidation is a large part of the aging process. We can fight oxidation in many ways through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Topical anti-oxidants is another powerful way to offset oxidation and visible signs of aging. Herbal Face Food delivers a powerful cocktail of anti-oxidants to protect the skin. 

This is why this line of serums is healing for all sorts of skin conditions. I was blown away when it healed my cold sore overnight. Nothing ever was able to do it before. I knew I had something special in my hands. I got to know the company and I really believe they are on an amazing path of disrupting the status quo. 

I have been using it for over 6 months now and here is what I love about it:

1) - it heals everything. Pimples, redness, hormonal acne, coldsores, inflammation, you name it

2) - it is hydrating without making my skin addicted to it, the way most moisturizers do

3) - I can see a noticeable change in my skin overtime

4) - it smells amazing. I have used product in the past that despite their effectiveness I had to abandon due to smell, so I appreciate this aspect!

5) - I believe it has improved my skin lipid barrier just because I notice a lot less environmental impact to my skin vs how it reacted in the past. For instance, with air travel.

Should you be skeptical about these amazing promises? Absolutely, always be skeptical or, in other words, employ critical thinking, never buy on emotion. This is the change we need in consumer behavior for the market to wake up and start offering  us real and safe solutions. Do your research, look into the company, look into the ingredients, take responsibility for your buying choices. 

My hope  is to fire you up enough to look into the direction of this up-and-coming company and hopefully test them out for yourself.

If you decide to give them a try, use my code YRBEAUTY to get a 20% OFF discount.