The Conversation About Real Beauty and Aging Gracefully

Our society has long equated beauty with youth, but the passing years do not steal away your beauty quite in the way we collectively believe. Yet, to keep up with demands of the modern world, we lose our minds as our youthfulness turns to maturity. We start looking for answers, and often feel pressured to modify our identity to fit the unfair reflection of ourselves we receive from the world. We start hiding parts of ourselves pretending to be something we are not, thus losing self-respect and authenticity, gaining nothing but anxiety in return.

The most inspirational older women emit a calm confidence borne of wisdom earned through years of hard work, inside and outside the home. They have embraced who they are and stopped worrying about what others think. They have found their inner power that allowed them to break free from those outdated ideas and embrace natural aesthetics that support aging rather than hiding it.

The most effective approach for reaching that care-free wisdom we all hoped for in our youth is to take a holistic approach that involves body, mind, and spirit. Happiness comes, not from age-defying youth, but with proper diet, exercise, maintaining mental acuity, and meditation or reflection to strengthen the spirit. Being in good physical health, staying fit both physically and mentally, and being aware of the need for self-care give you an advantage over the tell-tale signs of aging.

Changing the conversation about beauty and youth

The need to appear attractive to gain power, authority, or even basic respect in the workplace and the world in general has been engrained into humans since ancient times. The definition of what a society calls beautiful changes across borders and centuries, but perhaps the most tragic of these definitions is the shift that has made people think that older women cannot be beautiful.

At the same time, the feminist philosophy in its effort to switch from women-beauty association to other important characteristics like intelligence, strength, analytical ability, etc. sometimes goes overboard and starts undermining the value of aesthetics in female identity altogether. This line of thinking would have you believe that to take any measures to support your beauty is wrong because it feeds the stereotype of a woman as an empty-headed bimbo with no aspirations in life other than her appearance. This, undoubtedly, has its roots in the history of gender stereotypes and the struggle for gender equality but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

For most women, a balance can be struck between these two ideologies, allowing you to accept your age without letting go of beauty. Staying fit, healthy, and vibrant has value throughout your life, separate from appearance. Just like you exercise and eat right to keep your fit figure, there are ways that you can maintain your aesthetic appearance by identifying the causes of premature signs of aging and tackling them directly.

You are more than your reflection – but your reflection is part of who you are

Most women are under no delusions when it comes to the importance of appearance. We’ve been conditioned to believe that preserving youth and waistline is necessary for success, to be treated kindly by strangers, to be visible in a crowded room, or to be held in high demand in careers.

This leads to a good deal of anger while still being driven by society to be aware of our appearance. We deserve better after the work we have put into our children, families, communities, and careers. At the same time, we are obsessed with giving society what it wants to keep ourselves relevant.

Having a positive self-image gives you a confidence boost like no other. When you feel as though your appearance accurately represents who you are, you are more likely to be confident and successful. Do you recognize your reflection in the mirror? Does she represent you well? If not, there are ways to get you back on track.

You are more than your accomplishments

Often older women who are no longer considered beautiful are measured by their accomplishments. You can be proud of what you have accomplished in your career, your life, your volunteer efforts, or raising your children.  Pride in the fruits of your labors is a natural feeling, but you don’t have to let these roles define you.

You are more than a wife and mother. Your natural beauty does not diminish with age so much as neglect. The business of everyday life can take its toll, stress and worry leaving lines or crow’s feet behind. Keeping up with daily skincare regimens, exercise schedules, and paying attention to what you consume can seem impossible with everything else on your plate.

Physical and emotional self-care usually makes its way to the bottom of the to-do list, especially for parents or single moms caring for young children. It is far too easy to push your own needs to the side to care for others. Instead, you need to set clear boundaries and save some time for yourself each day.

Caring for your mind and body should be a top priority throughout life, but it is never too late to start caring for yourself more. Mindfully performing anti-aging routines is a great way to practice self-care and give you some relaxation at the end of the day. You will see improvements in your appearance with a small amount of effort and a regular routine. You can see some tutorials on my Instagram page.

Showing real beauty and exuding confidence can change the playing field in many situations. Be who you are and embrace the freedom of expression.

Aging gracefully requires acceptance

Aging is inevitable, and one must accept the passing of the years and the changes in appearance they bring. When we talk about aging gracefully, it isn’t about shirking your responsibilities to keep your skin, body, and mind healthy and setting beauty aside. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you hide your age through cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Instead, aging gracefully means embracing your age, wisdom, experience, and inner power that is only found by experiencing life throughout the decades and staying true to you. It means that you value yourself enough to maintain a healthy image that boosts confidence in all that you do.

Healthy body, positive mind, beautiful you

Instead of turning to expensive (and largely ineffective) topical or injectable anti-aging procedures, remember that true beauty starts within. You must be able to see the beauty in your own reflection, and for that you should maintain a healthy body and mind.

Remember it’s all connected: better physical health will help the mind to center and a calmer mind will allow for discipline needed to stay fit. Our self-image is affected by our mental state, while physical exercise is one of the best ways to boost mood and reduce stress. Stress related tension in the body and face affects the formation of early-signs of aging, creating negative self-image implications. All aspects are important and by improving one, we affect the rest.

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